Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Comps & Rocks!

I had a blast out of the past weekend! As I said, on Saturday there was a national cup in Trbovlje which was great, since there hasn't been any comp for some time it was good to get back in the competing mood! I love how even in such comps which are basically not as important as some international ones, I can still get pretty nervous sometimes :P But it's always a positive kind of nervousness, it usually makes me climb even better!

So the comp was quite exhausting, I had to get up quite early (morning coffee always helps though!). I first climbed in my age group (Youth A), where me and my friend Vezi both fell off at the same move (beating the others by a fair amount of moves), although I was much closer to actually sticking it :D
So it was down to another route for us two, this time I managed to top it while he fell off a couple of moves earlier. Nice effort mate! We should also point out Domen Škofic who is the same age group was absent, otherwise winning would be even a bit harder!
Feeling confident and warmed up I went into the next route which was the seniors qualifiers. The route was quite my style so I managed to get up to the top, only to slip off at the last move! Still, I placed solid fourth which got me damn psyched for the finals!

The final route was more of a bouldery style, a lot of us fell at the same move, still, Urban, Izidor and Jernej (Kruder) managed to get past it. Big RESPECT for that, and big ups to Izi for winning his first seniors! Nice man!  I placed sixth in the end... not that bad anyway, at least I didn't slip off at the first move (yeah, been there done that!).

The next day we made a little trip to Vipavska Bela, a crag I've never been to before (which is a real shame, because it is amazing!). I was super fun, a whole crew had gathered (Kruder, Izi, Zorko, Timmy, Jure Gozd, Klemen Kejžar, Hribar, Luka Fonda the photographer and also the bouldering old school such as Šeli, Urh...). Izidor proved his shape by doing Dead moon, 8b+ on first redpoint, while the others were mainly not successful :P I was sieging a badass line called Povodni mož, 8b+ and I got quite close to doing it! Hopefully next time!

Kruder on the crux move of Povodni mož... TJULN! :D
I'd really like to get back to this crag because hanging out in the lower sector (by the river) is super cool... There's water running through small bowl-shaped ponds and big overhangs above :) it's also a bit warmer than here in the northwest, and it's kinda close to the sea so there's this terrific smell in the air, I love it :)
Izi in Dead moon and the crew below

I got home on Sunday evening feeling exhausted... but I love such weekends- and there's more to come! Fall season is on! Bring on Miška 2k11, WOOOHOO :D

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