Friday, September 23, 2011

The upcoming!

Just thought I would share this with you;
fall is coming (today is the last day of summer! Oh noes!) and I am getting super psyched on it. It brings colder temps, and with it different crags which have been put on hold for the summer! It means we will be spending the weekends in Mišja Peč, man I love that! There's just no better thing to do than hanging out with the regular crew beneath those freak bad-ass lines! There's loads of stuff I'd like to get on and/or finish off in this few months before the winter break!
As much as I love summer and all the fun it brings, fall is nice too :)
It does also bring school and some other unavoidable and possibly not-that-pleasant stuff, though. This means there's less time for clmbing, so we're forced to go back to the gym for a bit, which is good anyway as I'd like to get in some shape! There's no better thing than Poden when it comes to hardcore training!

Anyway, there's some comps coming up, starting tomorrow (!) with a national cup in Trbovlje! Syked for that! There's also two EYS comps still to go!

And last but definitely not least, me any my friend Vezi are doing a small trip to Fontainebleau in the end of October! I'm getting crazy about it by now already! Never did much bouldering but Font looks so magical I've been dying to go since ever. Should make for an amazing trip :) 25. October until 3. November, 7 days dans la foret!
Here's a little teaser :P

Monkee Family: Anthony Gullsten in Font from Alvi Pakarinen on Vimeo.

See y'all out somewhere! Oh and I'm keen for some feedback, don't hesitate to drop a line in the comments section!

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