Friday, October 28, 2011

Fontainebleau is true

Hey everybody,
Fontainebleau is simpy amazing! What people say is true... it's crazy! A forest full of perfectly shaped boulders in an amazing (currently very fall-ish) ambiance! Today was our second day in the forest, me and my friend Gregor are staying at my friend Augustin whom I had met in Ceuse earlier this year. He offered me to stay at his place when I visit and I don't know how I could express my gratitude for that. It's really cool that we are with someone who knows the place, he shows us the more remote and peaceful areas but also knows all the betas for the classics. And there's always some people at his place which is also real fun!

The first day after arriving we went to an area called Rocher Fin. We expected to get well spanked but it turned out different! I surprised myself by doing a 7c called Micholege; a really cool compression prow with some funny moves. Gregor also proved himself with a 7b+-7c of unknown name, a sick line with a powerful crimp dyno which I found absolutely desperate. Apart from that we enjoyed some circuits and the general amazement of the first day in Font.
Day 2 it was time for some classics. We started by working a 7c on the other side of the road at Bas Cuvier, we all got really close but no-one sent it. Then, when the crowds were gone, we moved to Bas Cuvier, the famous area with many classics such as La Carnage, La Berezina, Aerodynamite, Marie Rose, Cortomaltese... We went straight to the carnage block and Gregor did quick work with a flash of La Carnage (7b+)! I followed him in about ten tries... I also did Cortomaltese, 6c, a real classic. Gregor finished with a crazy 6c technical slab in true Font style. By then it had got dark and we had to pack up :(

Tomorrow we are hoping for a full day out without any flat tires or similar stuf... we have had enough of that! Otherwise it's all turning into an amazing trip, I'm going out of my mind because of all the rocks out there!
Sadly there's no pictures yet, we were too busy climbing!

Peace y'all!

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