Monday, October 17, 2011

Gravity is a concept

Hey everybody!
It's been another amazing weekend out&about with my friends!
Saturday was the comp day, me and Urban drove to Tržič in the early morning and my first route was on at 10 o'clock, I was the only one to top in my group so it was a solid victory for me! Gregor Vezonik came joint second with the upcoming Jure Gvozdanovič! Good effort guys :)
Next were the qualifiers for the seniors, the route was pretty cool, despite some trouble in the first part in fought through and ended up fifth along with some other guys! I felt I could have done more though, so I was feeling confident for the finals.
The final route was a lot harder though, and most of us had come off before reaching the half of the route. Urban Primožič proved his amazing shape with a solid performance. Urbič SFS!!! This time Izi came second, bad luck mate :) check out his blog if you can read slovene! The link is on the right side of the page.
I ended up eighth, could have done more I think but oh well! It was a fun comp, the atmosphere in the isolation zone was... exciting to say the least :)

Sunday was the D-day though! Me and Gregor were planning to go to Osp to close down our project! In the end I drove down to Osp with Ajda. By when we got out of Ljubljana we saw the weather brightening up, we knew it was going to be a spanking day :)
It turned out it really was special! I guess we all had our own 5 or some minutes with less gravity! I warmed up by doing Troja (8a or 8a+), it felt a lot easier than last time!
a cool shot made last week by Klemen Kejžar
Then I was ready for a go in Revolucija! I got really psyched up, and just then the crew finally got up to the cave! There was lots of cheering because it was a big battle for me! Sharma-ish screaming and all included! I wrestled the tufas with no mercy and got it first go that day!
It was an amazing feeling, especially because I really put up an effort, I was so close to coming off a couple of times! Luka Fonda was there to take a couple of shots, thank you for that!
Tufa riding! YAY 
Yes, we were excited.

The day still wasn't over! Next up for me was the extension to Active Discharge which weighs in at 8b+ and is about 55 metres long, a pitch of epic proportions! I flashed the upper part thanks to some beta from Izi and Kruder. I was freaking scared though! Never really enjoyed huge runouts!

We also witnessed an impressive display of power when Kruder walked through Revolucija! Big ups! The day was successful for Ajda and Jure G as well, Ajda did Trojanski konj to get her first 7c+, and Jure did Mrtvaški ples in Mišja Peč, his first 8b! Well done everybody! Only one who got left out was Vezi - he was looking super strong in Revolucija, getting through the cruxes and all several times, but... next time I guess! You will get it mate!

In the end I also did Baram Baram (8a), a shorter line on the side of the cave. I'm quite sorry for blowing the onsight try, I'm sure I would get it had I taken the right method! Anyway, bagged it second go. It's a fun line!
Then we wrapped it up, I had done my second 8c (two years after my first :P bad trend!) and it was a great day at the crag. You can't really get a bad day in a place like that. Shoutout to everyone who made it out; Ajda, Vezi, Izi, Kruder and his girl, Neža, Luka, Uroš, Jure, Anja...

See you all at the crag! The months ahead look promising, next weekend my friend David Firnenburg is coming to Osp and I am looking forward for a session, and then we're off to Font! WOOOHOOOOO :D

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