Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's up

Hey people,
I just got some photos and I thought I could make a post.
What we did last weekend :) Vezi (red pants) getting pumped in Goba (notice the top-rope, yes the anchor is about 90m high :D)

The weekend ahead looks like a lot of fun, first there's a national cup on Saturday, this time in Tržič. We are all pretty psyched for those comps, again the strongest guys will be absent because they're out on the World Cup circuit, but on the other hand this makes the comp even more interesting because there's not such a big difference between the competitors and a lot of people are strong enough to win!
So that's a comp on Saturday and hopefully we are going outdoors on Sunday! There was a lot of people in Osp last weekend, I think this time it will be the same :) me and Vezi want to go back and finish off Revolucija, the 8c I wrote about. It's gonna be a big battle!
this is it! THE REAL DEAL!

Oh and yeah, I know this may sound a bit cheesy but it's only 12 days left until we leave for Fontainebleau! Cannot describe the drive I feel for this trip! It's going to be amazing I think... fucking brilliant that is!

I like these clips! Gets you in the mood and your palms sweating!

August Dose of Font 2011 from neil hart on Vimeo.

Yeah and thanks to Klemen for the pictures!

Peace out people! See you around!

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