Friday, November 4, 2011

Bleau wrap-up!

I'm back home after 9 days in Paris and Fontainebleau! Last two days were rainy so we spent the first one resting and chilling a bit in Larchant, and the last day we took the chance and made a small tourist visit of Paris! It was actually really nice! And in the evening a hardcore gym session in Massy! Haven't been that pumped in a while, but that's ok... gotta get fitter for the upcoming comps!

Boulders everywhere, speeding down the forest roads, perfect shapes, sore fingertips, compressing slopers, hard mantles, traffic jams, crazy french drivers, the overcrowded Paris metro, coffee at Champs-Elysees, speaking French, old-school Bleausards cranking harder than you despite wearing shoes hardly considered climbing shoes, SLOPERS, a whole-week persistant muscle soreness, chilling at the fireplace at Larchant house, meeting new people, swearing in French, getting lost amongst the blocks, FINDING BETA, knowing the guidebook by heart, eating baguettes&raclette, getting frustrated and then sending the problem, the enourmous Massy session, the perfect arete of L'angle parfait, all the cool people coming together for a session in the forest... it's been an amazing trip! Many thanks to everyone, especially Augustin, Morgan, Jarno, Christophe and Nico, le Grand Chef. Enjoy the photo selection below.
all you need for a day in the forest :)

Bleau still-life

Morgan trying Big Boss, 7c

got really close on it! NEXT TIME!

Gregor in Noir Desir, 7c

Augustin sending Noir Desir sortie gauche, 7b

wet rock... exploring

the labirynth with an intersection :D

Christophe... always motivated!

Benoit in L'angle parfait, 7b

the highest boulder of the trip, L'arc de triomphe

Enjoy the official tune of the trip! 

National cup tomorrow in my hometown! So syked! Hopefully we are now stronger! If you only can come to watch, then you should!
And a return trip to France coming up next week! More on that some other time!

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