Monday, November 7, 2011

Competition season finish

Hey everybody!
It's this time of the year again... each November is packed with comps of all sorts and this year it's no different! It's too late to train now, if you're in shape then go hard, otherwise go home!
The first of the comps was this weekend's national cup in Škofja Loka, where I placed 3rd in my age group and 8th in the senior category! I'm quite alright with my climbing as it could have been worse after a week or so of Fontainebleau, but it seems the others were pretty strong also :D. The finals were a nice show, I really enjoyed the climbing, the final route for the guys was quite interesting and challenging, and I think the crowd liked it too!
in the starting slab of the finals... tricky! Thanks to Ana&Miha Jarm for the shot.
Tomorrow evening already we are leaving for Pau in south-western France for the second to last stage of the European Youth Series! I feel pretty strong and so I'm hoping to give it my best and finish with a nice result! Before that we're doing some rock climbing in Tuscany... ahhh so syked!

Next weekend after that the World Cup in Kranj! Every year it's an amazing show with all the strongest climbers, lately the Slovenian team has been very strong so the competition should be BIG! Sadly I'm not taking part! Hopefully one day! Even so I am very syked about it and also for the traditional before-the-finals Mišja Peč day!
The weekend after it's the last stage of the EYS in Kranj, and after that the next weekend there's also a comp in Kranj, the closing event of the national cup (bouldering and lead!).

The schedule looks absolutely jam-packed, and along with an increasing amount of schoolwork it should be a pretty stressful month! Despite that I am sure it will be a lot of fun. Only thing I hope is that I will be strong enough and will also show it in the competitions! Better get working on that now!

Anyways, see you all somewhere out there! PEACE

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