Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Pau trip...?

I have been back at home for a few days after another trip to France! This time it was a bit shorter (although not in terms of travel!), the Slovenia Youth Climbing team was going to Pau in  the south-west of France for a stage of the European Youth Series and of course I also took part!
We started in Ljubljana on Wednesday and then made the exhausting 15 hours drive to Pau in a few days. Saturday was the comp day, early in the morning we did the two qualifier routes and in the evening it was time for the finals.
Seeing that I did really bad I might as well first point out the good stuff :), the team won three medals (not the worst, but by far not the best result) with Domen Škofic proving his amazing shape and taking first place with a solid performance in the final (he made 9th place in the World cup in Valence... what's coming this week?) and Urban and Jure taking second and third place in the juniors, respectively... good work Poden team! Besides we had a fun time, we ate a lot which isn't that cool really, I came third in a slackline competition (and won 10€ worth of stuff... yay!), it was nice to see all the friends from everywhere and to see they're all very syked for the last stage of EYS in Kranj! It's gonna be an intense two weekends!
the hardest thing I did in Pau, a 35 meter slackline :)
 Now about my climbing... it's disappointing to see yourself coming off way too soon, to feel your forearms getting real sore when you're not even halfway through the route... Everytime in the EYS, I feel a bit of pressure, someting like "don't screw up man" and it makes me climb a bit stiffer which is not really good...
I felt de-psyched especially because I wasn't feeling weak before the comp at all! So you start climbing and in seconds it's all gone :(
I placed 12th, missing the finals by a margin of two places... I think it was a combination of bad focus, early morning climbing and a bit of nervousness. I am firmly decided to make up for it in Kranj! Otherwise I think there's no point for me in competing any longer!

Bad stuff aside, I must say I am really looking forward to what's left of this year! First, this weekend it's the World Cup in Kranj, which is a big show each year! I am hoping to do some rock climbing in Mišja Peč on Sunday, to try and finish some projects! I feel confident they could go!
Still, it's getting sort of stressful! I've got a lot of stuff that needs doing, schoolwork, training, loads of things... The bad thing is that in the end you're always lacking sleep! It's easy to have a coffee and keep going but then the next day you're suddenly falling asleep at 4 o'clock in the afternoon :( damn!

running out of time! Sick tune this one! Enjoy!

See you all, hopefully in Kranj! Come and watch people, it's gonna be BIG (both weekends)!

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