Sunday, December 18, 2011

something completely different

Hey there, hello everyone!
Not going climbing the time is hard to kill! Every climber knows what I'm talking about I think :) myself I've been pretty much taking it easy, it's good to take some time off and just relax! One thing I love is reading books, and luckily I've managed to dedicate some time to it! Oh and yea, parties are good fun too! On Wednesday I went to the goodbye party of Natalija Gros which was really class! She has put an end to her comp career this year and this was a great way to finish off I think :)! Also, the photos were really amazing! And I had the chance to meet all my climbing friends again (we are so psyched for Spain it's ridiculous haha :D)!

on a climbing unrelated note: my Mum and I have this deal that I bake a cake as a birthday present for her! It started a while ago, firstly more as a joke or an experiment, but it's turned into a serious tradition now :) it's not that I'd be so much into cooking, I just see it as a cool way to show that she didn't bring up someone who couldn't even take care of himself, therefore I try to do something that men are said to be really bad at! And it's nice to learn new stuff, it would be really useful if I knew how to cook well :)
ok, so this year the recipe was really complex, it took me about 5 hours to complete it but the end result is pretty good I think :) it doesn't look that good but the taste was outstanding! well there's almost nothing left of it so...

Peace guys! Enjoy your cakes!

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