Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Siurana files

Can Piqui Pugui, home of the old school classics... it was freaking hot!
Siurana has to be one of my favourite places ever. One of the famous crags is called Can Piqui Pugui and the climbing here sums up the style of the area... crazy technical slabs with poor crimps all over and an odd pocket here or there, all on perfect, supersolid rock... Sunday was a super fun day, we were doing routes up to 7c while enjoying the hot sun. It's great to be getting back into the feeling and the climbing here is perfect for this. We love it!
me trying Zona 0

Yesterday the weather was just as perfect, and we enjoyed the climbing in El Pati, the other famous sector (with routes such as La Rambla and Kalea Borroka). Right now things are getting HOT in Siurana! There's a big gang of Slovenians and also many other strong climbers (Enzo&Alex, Sachi Amma, Daniel Jung...), and more importantly, we started climbing hard! Me and Domen went for an El Pati classic, Zona 0, an endurance crimpy  route on a slightly overhanging wall. Domen got it second go, while I came off at the last hard move (having done the hardest bit)! A part of the group went to Margalef, where Gregor Vezonik flashed Photo shot, 8b. Good effort bro :)
Today we're taking a bit of rest, my tips are well chewed up and the muscles are sore as well. A shoutout to everyone around, Ajda, Jarm&Ana, Urbič, Vezi, Rajko, Mojca, Urša, Domen, Sergej, Izi, Jure, Miha, Karin, Luka Fonda, Uroš, Marina, Zorko.... My friends Chris&Chiara and many others (in no way this is in order of importance or whatever :D).

Enjoy your days climbing everyone! See you out there!

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