Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter break!

The 2011 season is finished! We wrapped it up on Sunday in Kranj with the last national cup. I won the overall ranking in Youth A lead (owing to Domen missing out two comps), in this comp I took second place after Domen and just ahead of Gregor :)
I had also qualified for the senior bouldering finals which were the last event of the day. It was a great way to finish off - the atmosphere was really good and for me it was big fun doing the competition, even though the problems turned out a bit too hard (for me and for some others as well :D). Jernej Kruder won with an impressive performance, congratulations also to Urban Primožič who was faced with a finger injury and still managed to come second! See some photos here. There was a DJ on top of the wall structure and the beats kept everybody going! The whole three days were a lot of fun!

But it's also nice to take a break from time to time! I'm not climbing until the trip to Spain so my body will have some time to regenerate and my mind to get psyched! Actually it's not so hard, I'm sitting at home watching climbing movies all the time and it's blowing my mind! I'm anxious to get out on rocks again :) Still, right now I'm slightly sick, I think it's because of the stress related to climbing and school and lack of sleep in the past few weeks! Should be fine soon :)
The time up to Christmas will pass in a blink of an eye, there's a lot to do even though I've a lot of time now.... schoolwork, seeing friends, some good parties, the Christmas-ey atmosphere... :)

Year 2011 in terms of climbing was amazing! Not really outstanding on the competition side, but definitely very interesting and varied, I've made a lot of trips, seen many new places and crags, I've met a ton of new people and made good friends with many of them which is probably what I'm most psyched about!
I've undergone an injury, I had a spontaneous trip to Ceuse which has then turned into an amazing summer, I've completed some of my projects in Mišja Peč and yeah... the list is just too long! So I decided to look at my climbing journal, try to find the highlights and dig into the hard drive for some pics... Everything only for your liking, dear reader!
I'm really happy with the feedback I'd received about this blog, still any comments or criticism is much appreciated!
And thanks to YOU for checking in and digging this! Much love everybody!

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