Sunday, February 12, 2012

Looking back at...

Yo people,
I just stumbled upon this video, apparently somebody shot the finals of the EYS in Kranj. It's fun to see how desperately pumped I got. Definitely shit climbing, I think. I was happy with the fight, though, as you can see I was almost coming off at the half of the route. Big thanks to the guy who did the video!

European Youth Cup 2011, Kranj - Youth A from Žiga Janež on Vimeo.

Today, I'll be attending the second stage of NLP bouldering league, I'm psyched for the comp, seeing the people again and some intriguing boulders. Had a massive Poden session yesterday though, so I may be slightly tired but fuck it.

What I also wanted to write about is the new gym that has opened its doors recently in Mitterdorf, Austria (near Vienna). It was a project of Robert Ernst, the father von Johanna Ernst, the wunderkind of Austria.
I feel this was worth a mention because the gym is something I have never seen before. Kletterakademie Mitterdorf is MASSIVE. The main climbing wall is sooo big, it must be about 17 meters high, the whole wall is covered in brand new, top quality holds, there must be at least 40 routes in the 8th degree, they're pretty well set, there's a huge bouldering wall... basically everything is huge there! And along with the typical austrian perfectionism, it guarantees a full climbing experience. There's so much stuff to do, you could spend days climbing there and not run out of routes. Anyway, we'll be back :)!

Peace people, thanks for checking in. I hope for good weather&free time&a lot of climbing for all of you :)

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