Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinticlimbs vs. the Hard Grit

Every good journalist knows the bad news sells. So, only to attract your attention, a typical image of UK climbing that most of us euro lactic acid-pumping tufa-huggers see when we hear "UK... climbing... grit" yeah, it's a prejudice, I know. Anyway, don't watch this if you're of the sensitive kind!

I'm leaving for Sheffield in a couple of hours for a week of climbing in the heart of the British climbing spirit, in a place full of climbing history and a really strong local climbing scene, as well as the notorious ethics in free climbing!
I'm psyched to find out about the above statements as I reckon climbing in the UK is not all about getting scared shitless as you're about to deck from 10 metres high, of course they're big in bouldering AND they have some limestone sport crags as well (hmm, maybe something for me after all?). Seriously, I'm into anything, really, so I'm curious what it's going to be.
I'll be staying at my friends who are really psyched for climbing so I think there's an adventure ahead. Stay tuned if you like it :)


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