Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I say, bolt this sh*t mate!

One more from the UK times!
Thanks a lot to Ethan for getting this vid!
This was my hardest E grade I did while over in Britain! Maybe you can't regard it as a proper trad route though, since it's actually a highball boulder (approximated to V6 higball in the guide - so Fb7a+). Luckily we stacked up about 10 pads below so it made comitting to the last moves a bit easier! Still didn't want to come off at the end :)
We had a great day out that day, we went to this smaller spot called Ina's Rock (Churnet area) with the intention to get on this one boulder/route, and the one left of it which is an even more intimidating line, called Cornelius and weighing a solid E8! That one was also done by Ed, Adam Bailes and a very strong dude called Dave Mason, he came along with us and it was quite inspiring to watch!

Ahh! What a great trip it was! Shout out to the Sheffield crew! PEACE!

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