Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fresh stuff

What is going on with Pinticlimbs? Where is the once so hot and popular blog gone to? Is the blog you happily subscribed to turned into another semi-abandoned web space where every second posts starts with "sorry about the lack of updates..."? What's up with the guy that's been doing 8c's all around? Who is this Pinti dude anyway?

This next post might not answer all of the above questions, but the fact is I haven't written much in the past weeks (you know it's bad when your non-climber girlfriend urges you to get on it!). Contrary to what it may seem, there's been A LOT of climbing going down the past weeks, pretty much every day - as long as you count gym training as climbing. I do, myself, as my training can be really sick sometimes, especially lately when we've grown a bit stronger and are now doing some REALLY hard stuff at our wall (all thanks to our coach Roman - I have a blogpost on that in mind, so stay tuned).
But actually, I have been pretty busy with other things, so I didn't have much time for any rock climbing. The good news is my school is coming along just about perfect, and it looks promising about the driver's licence (yay :D)!
The two things worth mentioning at this point are the NLP bouldering league that went down on 10th of March, and hitting Bitnje with my sis' the other day.

I managed to claim victory at the 3rd round of NLP in a notably weakened competition (the senior team was cranking hard in Fontainebleau - oh my GAWD finally some problems I could do!). However, it was not easy - Gregor Vezonik was a tough opponent, and the other guys were strong as well! It was the first time I managed all the problems in qualifiers, and then I beat Gregor by just a move, so it was a bit of a cheap victory, but I was quite psyched nonetheless. I heard round 4 is on April the 15th - I think that's the day after my prom night, so I will see about attending it, haha :D

So as I said, I went to Bitnje last Sunday, I actually managed to persuade my sister to go climbing with me! She'd been hesistant to come along with me as her rock climbing level has gone down a bit in the past years, but I was keen to take her to some crags (I hope she will still be up for it!). Bitnje is a smaller crag in the north-west region of Slovenia, I love it, the style is very sustained in a slightly overhanging wall with an odd tufa and typical Slovenian limestone... The crag has about 10 routes in the range of 8a-8b so it's well worth a visit, although there's no harder stuff (but some projects!).

I sent two 8a routes I had tried two years before, both are absolutely brilliant and were pure joy to climb. I did a half-onsight of Che Guevara, 8a and did Silent Alarm, 8a second go that day. It's been a while since I've clipped quickdraws, and so it was even more of a pleasure, I felt pretty strong so I was going up those routes flawlessly and yeah... you know... the feeling of sending, being in control, it's so good! Should get on some harder stuff next time I go rock climbing (it's looking promising this weekend - PSYCHED!).

Some photos of NLP, it was a great event! See more here, thanks to the people who took them.

Gregor trying hard

HA! So here we go with another blog written! Want to write more in the future (note to self: ALWAYS bring a camera)! Thanks for reading people, drop me a line in comments section if you feel like it!

We need some fresh sh*t!


  1. Well done man, keep going!

  2. Really enjoying your writing man, top stuff, keep it up.
    You have motivated me to get more on it with blogging!
    Hope your well, Big Up Peace Out