Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Heading to Entraygues proved to be a great decision! It's a crag situated in one of the valleys above L'Argentiere. The rock is supposedly gneiss, I'm not a pro in these things but it's definitely a lot different than Ceuse! It's more like granit I know from bouldering in the Swiss, and it's great, super sharp and bulletproof hard. There's a lot of chipped holds but the sika is mostly just in places where big flakes could rip off.

The ambiance is amazing, high mountains covered in snow and perfect blue sky. It's really nice for camping as well, we set up our tent (thank god for the 2 seconds) in the field and it was  ok, and there's a small river where you can bathe and drink water.

I was a bit sceptical before heading up there as I spent a day in Entraygues last year and I didn't really like it, I thought it was too short, overhanging, crimpy and bouldery for me to send anything.
I am not sure why it was different now but I was SOO psyched to find out I can actually climb here, actually, the first route I did was the 8a that I couldn't even do the moves in last year. Hahah! From then on, me and Izi were freaking out like dogs on acid. Each day we sent some hard stuff, and it was all happening in this "chain reaction" style, we always sent right after the other.
So here's the ticklist:
Sunday (with a slight hangover from Briancon world cup party)
-Le sika karai de rika zarai 8a
-La tordeuse de melezes 8a (only for Izi)

-Deltaplane man 8b
-Le brulot 8b

-Blonde de choc 8b
-La rotule 8a+

all within a few tries! For the last 8b we had to take the professional approach as we were already tired, so we went back to the car and made couscous for quick carbs and some coffee for the energy shot, then went back and sent!

We are now in L'Argentiere watching the youth team in their boulder comp. Tomorrow we should be heading back to Ceuse for the projects! Syked man!

me in Le sika karai

Domen joined us for two days. Here in San Ku Kai, 9a. photo by le Izidor Zupan

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