Friday, July 13, 2012

The trip

Right now I am really busy planning an upcoming trip with my friend Izidor Zupan. We are leaving on Monday for about a month of climbing and exploring in southern France and maybe some other places. We have only vague ideas about where to go, but we will probably go to watch the world cup in Briancon and maybe do some climbing in Ceuse/Ailefroide before that, then we want to spend some time in the amazing Gorges du Loup which is a place that I've been to before but only for a short time, and there is a billion of hard routes so we might just get stuck there for a while...

Besides that there are some other crags we might visit, we were even planning to go to Austria first (Zillertal, Schleier Wasserfall), but I think we might do this later or some other time.

I am open for some suggestions or any betas/guides/topos/instructions on possible good crags! Please feel free to drop me a line!

I am amazingly psyched for the trip, every summer in France so far has been an absolute blast and always a big adventure. Considering that this time Izi is coming along I think it will be no different :) I hope to get some good sends, even though I haven't been climbing much lately.
After I came from the EYS in Linz, I had a week off without climbing which was great for some rest and a bit of a change. I thought I would return really strong and fit, but it seems I got kinda lazy during the week so when I went climbing to Skedenj on Wednesday I felt like a sponge.

The pump in my arms was overwhelming and I got tired really quickly. Luckily, I got the chance to return yesterday and that's when I managed to finish off the route I tried on Wednesday, Sežana 32149, a stamina monster with some funky moves which weighs in at 8b.
I was happy and relieved because after the first day I was kinda depressed about my shape. But now it seems it will be ok. I'm sure I will get even fitter when on the trip, especially if we're going to Ceuse... Might be a good place to start off :)

I'll try to post some updates from the journey. I am bringing the camera, too :P thanks for reading people!


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