Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Girl power!

I just got back from a mini trip to Čreta and Baratro. Both days were really nice owing to a significant drop in temps due to the rain before... This allowed me to send Game of thrones, 8b in Čreta the first day for its third (?) ascent. It's a really nice line of rather sustained climbing into a technical crux in the upper part, and I think it alltogether warrants an 8b. Čreta is definitely worth some more visits... there's still some stuff I'd like to do.

The other day it was Baratro, where I planned to try Sicario sanguinario, 8c. I got on it and worked it out quickly, it's quite sustained and thus my style, but still with a quite powerful crux (feels definitely lower end 8c but let's wait until I send ^^). I had another go with a vague idea of sending, but I felt much weaker than before, kinda not recovered well from the previous day.

So Asja Gosar had to get serious (since the guys were useless)... she had been working on Sicario for some time and today I've had the honour to belay her on her first 8c! She literally cruised it (despite the third day on and supposedly "not feeling too well")! Congratiulations! May there be many more!

A shout out to the crew of the both two days, Borut, Žiga&Klara, Asja the machine, Matic and the rest! Also a thanks to my auntie for letting me stay in Ljubljana over night!
I love staying in Ljubljana to go climbing, it's basically the best spot to reach the most crags in little time, and I kinda like going from the urban enviroment to the woods and caves of the contryside, and then coming back in the evening, strolling the streets with chalk still on your hands, enjoying some good food, an abundance of different people and stuff going on, some culture and the vibe of the city in late summer... Life is good, it's cool to be a yout. PEACE yo!

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