Friday, August 17, 2012

Good day out

Today we (me, Jakob Šparovec and Katarina Fon) headed to Baratro for some steep pumpy routes. I managed to send Holokaust, a hard 8b or 8b+ on second attempt while Jakob got really close to doing it and I'm quite sure he will get it the next visit. Katarina had a few goes working out Placcoman, the classic 8a of the crag. Then, feeling still quite fresh (a lot of rest days is the key man!) I wanted to finish off my old project, La peste nera, something that has started over 2 years ago. It's a steep endurance route on many chipped holds and it's all about resisting the pump. It all felt a lot easier today, so I managed to send it on about the 10th try in overall ^^ happy times. Actually I was a lot more content with doing Holokaust as it's a much cooler route, short and intense, while La peste nera can get a bit boring if you're shaking out too much. Pinti style I guess ^^

Good thing I persuaded Jakob into going the night before (he was like: "dude I don't think we should go" then I was like "nah man it'll be alright" and then he was like "alright let's go" :D).
Jakob trying hard in Holokaust

Katarina in Placcoman


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