Friday, August 24, 2012

U-turning in circles

Just thought I'd write something down on this blog as the climbing future actually looks brighter than it did some days ago. I'm psyched but I won't say this is exactly as I had planned it. There's been some radical shit going down lately... I broke up with my girl, turned down a job offer, signed up for uni at last (so the decision is final, October it's studying time). This all means less money but more time for the rest of the holiday. I can only hope I will spend it well without too much punting around. Maybe it's better to go climbing somewhere than stay at home staring at the ceiling with work constraining you from getting out. Whatever really. I've enough money to make another trip (hmm why not?), but it'll have to be more simple-living style. I'm really keen on Slovenian crags actually, some places that I rarely go but are well worth a visit.

I was in Čreta for the first time a few days ago, it's a cool new crag (a BIG thanks to the developers, people who bolted and cleaned it, realised the potential). Rajko showed me around and gave me some betas... I managed Pornič, 8a in second attempt (as good as the name suggests!) and came quite close to Jernej Kruder's La la land, 8b+. Maybe next time.
Take care everyone.

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