Thursday, September 6, 2012

Roadtripping Slovenia

just got back home after a short three day trip through Slovenia. I feel bad for having gone on so many trips abroad with so much rock lying within 1.5 hour of driving from my home... Me and Nada, my sister went to Kotečnik, Jurgovo (Rogla) and finally Snovik today. The initial plan was Kotečnik for three days to work on some hardcore climbs in our biggest crag, but then Izidor and Luka Frelih made us go check out the new bouldering spot called Jurgovo in the woods of Rogla. The torrential rain last night made us bail from the Tratnik camp (a really nice place to stay! really kind people and quite cosy) and luckily we decided to stop in Snovik on the way back, another new crag which is small but well worth a visit. We found it completely dry, so the psyche was high again!

The return to Kotečnik after some years was a pleasant surprise! Right after some easy warmups I onsighted CSN, 8a+. It was just one of those moments of feeling good, a clean mind and rested forearms... a pure joy!
Then I tried Umazana igra, 8b+ which is a classic line with some awesome moves, pure power endurance on good holds but quite technical as well... I felt too tired to send on second go, so maybe next time!

The second day we were not sure what to do, either Kotečnik or Jurgovo with friends but when Fređo called me up it was clear, the guy was soo psyched to go, there was no dillema :) We were psyched to make the most of the day so we did a quick session in Kotečnik in the morning - Nada ticked Marjetica, 6c (looked quite piss!) and I did the classic Nebo nad Berlinom, 8a (not man enough to onsight, but quite close still). It turned out to be a good day of crawling through the woods, the crag is not very "user friendly" like maybe Magic Wood but the rock is just as good! Really sharp and compact granite! And some fun problems! Izidor, Kruder and Zorko showed us around repeating their problems, I managed two 7bs, Moj moj and Johnny Cash, both within a few goes. Nada and Fređo played around on the easier stuff and Fređo came away with Osamljen Bin Laden, 6b+ which is his hardest yet! I'm sure there's more to come :) Cheers to the guys for taking us on a tour, the place is awesome!

The rain made us reconsider the last day, so we decided to move direction home but try to get some climbing in too! Snovik was a good choice, it's not very big but quite high, and overhanging too! Respect to the developers of the crag as it holds some really good lines! I did the two hard ones through the overhang, 366 dni, 8a (onsight) and Krvavi pajek, 8b/b+ on second go (very happy about this one! had to try REALLY hard!).

So a good little trip in overall, we are psyched! Peace! Photos next time (if you believe)

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