Saturday, September 22, 2012

Working hard!

Yo all, time for an update to this space! The climbing life lately has been quite exciting actually even though I've only been going to some crags around Slovenia! Bohinjska Bela has been getting the most attention lately! Last week I was able to finish off my old project Moški za naslado 8b, which is a totally sick route and one of the best on the wall. It's been resisting my attempts for quite some time even though I expected a quick send at first! Anyway clipping the chains was pretty awesome...
Seeing that I was about to run out of routes at the crag, I decided to go straight for the hardest one! Privid (8c+) has now become the project and one that I've been well obsessing about! The last four visits I've been working it and trying, and I've had some very near-send attempts!

To be honest though, it's turning into a proper siege by now... 4 days on and 10 tries on it already... but, I am determined to get it! What got me so hooked was the fact that all the moves went first try easily, and duuude, what moves... The line is absolutely sick. Right after the crimpy slab which is not too hard you get into about 20 hard moves with a really shit rest at about halfway that allows you to kinda shake out and breathe in, but I'm unsure yet whether I'm actually resting or getting even more pumped on those two crimps!

Besides the fact that it feels do-able, it would also make my hardest send yet which is another reason why I'm willing to put in some more grind! And with every day on it, I'm getting some progress, refining sequences, getting it all wired... I've spent some tries falling at the bottom crux due to bad beta which has now been corrected with a minor foot placement!

So yeah, as you can see I AM getting all psyched up about it. Hopefully the weather will allow me to return and crush... I was only a move away from glory today!

The last two days have been pretty awesome anyway as I did a small trip with Miha Jarm, Cele and Luka. Luka is this guy I met who is going to be my classmate in next years and I was psyched to find out the guy has just taken up climbing and is super keen on it! It's kinda cool because it gets me really keen too! Today he passed the exam in climbing technique by doing Socadance, 6b+! Good effort mate, keep up the psyche!

We've had two days of good weather, cool temps and awesome climbing, congrats to Jarm for doing Ženska za nagrado 8a! Peace guys!

Cheers to Luka for getting on the rope today and taking some photos of us... stay tuned for some news people!

Jarm on the 8a, jugs all over :P


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