Sunday, October 7, 2012

Comps again!

Hey all
I had a really successful day yesterday! After a long summer of rock climbing I competed in the national cup which was held in Tržič. I haven't done any comps for a while nor any much indoor training so I didn't really expect much, but I was keen to go anyway as the comps are always fun because you get to see all the people and enjoy the good vibe in the isolation zone.

I placed 6. in the qualification which put me in the final, I was quite excited to see that I managed almost 30 moves on the route despite being a little tired from the previous day (thanks again to Žiga for inviting us over to celebrate his birthday! and let there be many more hard routes for you man :))!

We chilled out in the local woods doing some bouldering but nothing serious, and then it was time for the final. I was a little nervous before I set off but felt really relaxed while climbing! I put on a good performance, got really pumped and it turned out I came third (and first in the junior group)!
 There's been some circumstances though, for example, I'm sure Domen would have climbed further than me if he hadn't slipped while heelhooking, I mean, all the guys from the senior team are just SO strong! I think it was merely a mix of luck, being well rested and a mind free of any expectations.

I find perverted actually to think that somebody who hasn't done any proper training lately and also didn't really live like a proper athlete should (too much going out lately) can come better in a comp than some people who are really committed to specific training for comps?! On the other hand though, I think it just proves how important the mental aspect is and that in some way, one CAN mix rock climbing and competitions...
But that's just the way I see it right now. Next time, it may turn out a lot worse for me if I won't go training much. But at least now I'm really psyched to go training :D

Congrats to all the climbers, especially Urban and Maja who won the seniors! Respect to the routesetters for putting up a cool route. Many many thanks to Urban for lending me his shoes which were pretty awesome! See ya all around! PEACE

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