Friday, October 26, 2012

Trip ahead!

Lately not much climbing has been done. I have been very busy with school work and actually turned down the chance to go climbing during the weekend which had 100% sunny weather and some of the warmest days in a while. I was very very tempted since I have been considering trying to go and do the 8c+ project. Still, this blog is not about how I'm NOT going climbing, it should rather be the opposite (that said, I'm really psyched about my uni, so I'm not really complaining, erm, not that much).
Privid, when am I getting it done? ph. Luka Medvesek

I've recently taken up coaching of a small squad in my local climbing club. I am really psyched about it since I've never done it before and I'd really like the guys to enjoy it. Besides, I'd like to help and give back to the community and the wall which has raised me climbing-wise, taught me how to climb from day one and let me meet many good friends with whom I've spent some great times!
The guys I'm coaching have mostly been climbing for about a year and I find it quite challenging setting some cool and suitable boulders. I think I'm learning something from it, too. Being a coach is a different perspective than that which I was used to. Anyway, I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!

And last but way not the least, there's a trip coming up! I'm leaving today for a week of bouldering in Macedonia and it looks promising to be a trip to remember :)
Recounted by the people who have gone there (it was discovered by Slovenian climbers!), stories of the fairytale land scattered with perfect granite blocks near to the town of Prilep have been driving my imagination and it's definitely been on the wish-list. Coupled with extremely nice and open local folk, simple and very cheap life, great food I'm sure it's going to be an experience :) Apparently I can also afford taking a week off... at least I hope so. If not... fuck it just jump :D

Stay tuned for the trip report! There's a lot of people coming so it should be AWESOME!

MR McTrip from Jure Niedorfer on Vimeo.

Macedonia Bouldering Festival from lfonda on Vimeo.


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