Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The late

 Word up everybody,
I finally got myself to writing a post over here! It's been quite some time that I've been really busy with uni (and also thinking a lot about it, so kinda less psyched for other stuff), but now that I'm halfway through my exams for this semester I can feel the psyche growing unstoppably, and I'd like to channel some of it to here. Above all it's the wish to get out & move the body, end up somewhere unpredicted and get un-stressed :) and do some hard climbing inbetween :P

I'm really looking forward to the coming months. A lot of hard climbing will go down, I hope to go on a few trips and also I feel quite in shape, if not else definitely stronger (but not fitter) as I'd ever been (thanks to the campus board :P).
I had a quick visit to Baratro last week (or was it before last week?) which was nice as I'd almost sent El musico, a hard 8b on my second go from the bottom (which amazed me since I couldn't do the start moves last year o.O). It was a cool day out with an unlikely made up group of me, Gregor Selak, Matej Sova, Jurij Ravnik (the author of the new Mišja Peč & Osp topo - much recommended :)!) and Jošt Žohar. Some tips and betas from the climbing legend and Baratro local Matej proved to be really nice, thanks a lot mate :)

high on El musico, so damn close (damn quickdraws!, got too pumped :)) thanks to Selak for the photo

 Another nice chapter has come to and end, the teams I've been coaching throughout the year at our gym have finished the training until autumn, and we did a small bouldering competition with one of them. I must say I've had a blast coaching all of them, I think we all enjoyed it :)


and there's some inspiring videos I MUST share with you in case you haven't seen them yet;
and amazing clip by my friends who were in Switzerland bouldering. The creativity is endless :)
 and the sick sick training video from Jan Hojer, he's amazingly strong and also a true climbing hero, psyched for this guy (he won a BWC in Innsbruck!)

Jan Hojer Training from Jan Hojer on Vimeo.

 On the other, non-climbing related hand (but equally important after all), after leaving my room after having revised for the last month, I've been opening my eyes to what's going on around me, taking some time talking to people (especially my granddad and grandma who always provide an endless list of interesting stories and eye-opening experiences), sucking up some information beyond the uni and climbing related stuff. There is so much going on right now in the world, big changes are about to happen and I hope for once a revolution will lead towards a better world for all, stopping the growing discrepancies between the rich and the poor, the growing amount of poverty, frustration and anger among the people (Slovenia included). I hope one day soon, I will find my way to parcticipate in the movement and join likewise minded individuals...

 Some insightful reading:


 Have a good one everybody, hope to see you soon out there! Can't wait actually! BOOM!

p.s. some good homegrown music that I find inspiring:

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