Saturday, December 21, 2013

Becoming pro :)

Hey all,
I'm happy to present to you the promised footage of my ascent of Privid, 8c, back in September! Big shoutout and massive thanks to Tomi and Domen for the shooting and editing and Eva for giving me a belay :)! I hope you enjoy it! Maybe we'll make more in the future (if I will send anything, that is :D). It was a fun process, from first trying the route to putting together this movie. Makes me long for summer again!

Also, I'm proud to be able to say that I've been granted my first official sponsorship! Iglu Šport, the leading outdoor gear supplier in Slovenia with some 20+ years of presence in the market will be supplying me with my favourite climbing shoes' brand, La Sportiva. This has been wishful thinking ever since I've started climbing a lot (and thus using lots of shoes). Most of the time I've had to compromise between my shoes of choice and what I could get at the store/quality of the shoes. La Sportiva simply fits me best (especially the heel - other shoes are usually fine except the heel). I'm so psyched on this, thanks a lot to Iglu Šport :)

I'm off for a session at the gym now! YEAAA

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