Thursday, January 23, 2014

Catalunya is next!

I'm off to Spain tomorrow! I haven't been out on a trip for some time now and I'm craving for some serious rock climbing. What better option I could choose than Catalunya... It's gonna be a muerte!!
And hot too :D
I'm psyched out of my brain for some hard routes! I've been training a little more intensively over the last month to try and get in shape, mostly doing shorter routes and campus boarding for power as I think that's what I lack most. I had some good sessions going down at Poden with the local crew - Sašo, Fređo and the rest!

PODN SESSION from Luka frelih on Vimeo.

Also I'd been going to Plezalni center Ljubljana to do some coaching, routesetting and training. The place really caught on in the climbing public, there's lots of visitors and there's a always a good vibe that makes you feel welcome. I'd mainly been doing laps on some routes but found out the bouldering wall is nice for a few sessions too (there's some nice problems put up :D), so me and my roomie Boris had a few cool sessions that felt really good. Plus a campus board should be set up soon, can't wait :D!

I'm so curious to see how rock will feel after a while! The last month was a really challenging period, I dedicated my time to studying and luckily I was able to finish pretty much all the exams for this semester. I'm psyched and relieved at the same time to see it worked out.
I have, however had a day out and it was a real highlight, in fact one of the highlights of the whole year 2013 :) on December 31st we headed down to Mišja Peč and I managed to send Karizma, 8b+ (falsely claimed a month ago :D) and topped it off with a shot of Tekila, 8a. Karizma is one badass line and I was psyched to have it come together as it really is a majestic piece of climbing. What a nice way to finish the year... I was buzzing high with psyche for days after!
high off the deck in Karizma, 8b+, pic by Štefan W.
I'm armed with some brand new shoes for my Spain trip, thanks Iglu šport!

I'm excited what year 2014 brings for me in climbing! It takes off tomorrow... VENGAAAA!!!!!!!

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