Thursday, February 20, 2014

An injury it is

So, yesterday was my birthday and I'm now 20. It was a pretty cool day like birthdays usually are, except for an accident that happened.

While doing a warm up boulder I left my fingers in a pocket while already launching for the next hold. I heard a cracking sounds and knew that this wasn't going to be alright. I don't know what it is but it definitely doesn't feel right at the moment.
I'd been pretty lucky with injuries, only having had one finger injury once that healed up pretty fast. I feel really confident about my fingers, but there's always a way to get injured I guess... to me it happens in the dumbest way.

Anyway, yesterday was super fun. I invited a bunch of friends to the Center for a bouldering session and we had a good time. Thanks everybody for coming, the gifts, and everybody for wishing me a happy birthday and being nice, I love you :)

I'm not too depressed about the finger, contrary to what it may seem. Events like this have always proven to be a good learning experience, as long as you can think positively about it. I'm forced to rest for a week or two, but hey let's see what happens in this time... I'm excited :)

Mišja Peč sunset on the last day of 2013, photo by Štefan W

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