Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Word up everyone!
Just a quick post. Buzet in Istria and the rocks around it are f'ckin awesome! Today was my second day in the crag of Buzetski kanjon, sector Pengari, and I'm psyched for the climbing there and the nice ambient.
Good crew, sunny weather, a breeze for perfect friction and cool routes...

Besides that there's Kompanj, Pandora and what other undiscovered (or hidden) rocks waiting to be bolted and climbed... it's so nice to discover new crags and climb new routes.

Nada on a 6b+

Petra on a 7a

Too late 8a. Team send with Bizi today :)

Grega on 7a

Bizi in a great 7b+

It's a shame the rising temps probably won't allow for much action around here... but we'll surely be back! 

A bientot, Pinti

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