Friday, October 26, 2012

Trip ahead!

Lately not much climbing has been done. I have been very busy with school work and actually turned down the chance to go climbing during the weekend which had 100% sunny weather and some of the warmest days in a while. I was very very tempted since I have been considering trying to go and do the 8c+ project. Still, this blog is not about how I'm NOT going climbing, it should rather be the opposite (that said, I'm really psyched about my uni, so I'm not really complaining, erm, not that much).
Privid, when am I getting it done? ph. Luka Medvesek

I've recently taken up coaching of a small squad in my local climbing club. I am really psyched about it since I've never done it before and I'd really like the guys to enjoy it. Besides, I'd like to help and give back to the community and the wall which has raised me climbing-wise, taught me how to climb from day one and let me meet many good friends with whom I've spent some great times!
The guys I'm coaching have mostly been climbing for about a year and I find it quite challenging setting some cool and suitable boulders. I think I'm learning something from it, too. Being a coach is a different perspective than that which I was used to. Anyway, I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!

And last but way not the least, there's a trip coming up! I'm leaving today for a week of bouldering in Macedonia and it looks promising to be a trip to remember :)
Recounted by the people who have gone there (it was discovered by Slovenian climbers!), stories of the fairytale land scattered with perfect granite blocks near to the town of Prilep have been driving my imagination and it's definitely been on the wish-list. Coupled with extremely nice and open local folk, simple and very cheap life, great food I'm sure it's going to be an experience :) Apparently I can also afford taking a week off... at least I hope so. If not... fuck it just jump :D

Stay tuned for the trip report! There's a lot of people coming so it should be AWESOME!

MR McTrip from Jure Niedorfer on Vimeo.

Macedonia Bouldering Festival from lfonda on Vimeo.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Comps again!

Hey all
I had a really successful day yesterday! After a long summer of rock climbing I competed in the national cup which was held in Tržič. I haven't done any comps for a while nor any much indoor training so I didn't really expect much, but I was keen to go anyway as the comps are always fun because you get to see all the people and enjoy the good vibe in the isolation zone.

I placed 6. in the qualification which put me in the final, I was quite excited to see that I managed almost 30 moves on the route despite being a little tired from the previous day (thanks again to Žiga for inviting us over to celebrate his birthday! and let there be many more hard routes for you man :))!

We chilled out in the local woods doing some bouldering but nothing serious, and then it was time for the final. I was a little nervous before I set off but felt really relaxed while climbing! I put on a good performance, got really pumped and it turned out I came third (and first in the junior group)!
 There's been some circumstances though, for example, I'm sure Domen would have climbed further than me if he hadn't slipped while heelhooking, I mean, all the guys from the senior team are just SO strong! I think it was merely a mix of luck, being well rested and a mind free of any expectations.

I find perverted actually to think that somebody who hasn't done any proper training lately and also didn't really live like a proper athlete should (too much going out lately) can come better in a comp than some people who are really committed to specific training for comps?! On the other hand though, I think it just proves how important the mental aspect is and that in some way, one CAN mix rock climbing and competitions...
But that's just the way I see it right now. Next time, it may turn out a lot worse for me if I won't go training much. But at least now I'm really psyched to go training :D

Congrats to all the climbers, especially Urban and Maja who won the seniors! Respect to the routesetters for putting up a cool route. Many many thanks to Urban for lending me his shoes which were pretty awesome! See ya all around! PEACE