Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Leave your mark

Good memories from the summer. Hanging out between the trees in the still warm air. Fontainebleau trip with the PCL crew. This is me on the Isatis classic "Little Karma", photo by Anže Klarič

Since coming back from the Frankenjura trip, I have dedicated about three weeks to passing the one exam I had left. I've moved in to the new flat in Ljubljana, got back to work in PCL. I've done lots of training in Poden with Urban, Vezi, Fređo, Jure and Martin - this was good motivation. I've kept up my shape and ticked some classics in Mišja Peč and Baratro like Gorenjski šnops, 8b and Il Musico, 8b. Shout out to the rock climbing team, too! Also my sponsor mr. Blagus for the free rides to the crags.

I really enjoyed coming back to Ljubljana. After the hard work studying it was so good to go partying again with friends. We went to see GRAMATIK last Friday and it was fucking NUTS!

The gig was in Križanke, the coolest open air venue. I was curious to find out more about the guy becuase I've been listening to his music since longtime, so I went to listen to his talk the night before the event. He's a simple guy, staying down to earth and not taking his success for granted - in today's internet era with all the music being so accessible and so many talented artists posting it through the social media, success has more than ever been a matter of luck, or, shall we say, being in the right place at the right time. The gig was part of his Leave Your Mark tour. The philosophy behind this is trying to inspire people through music and make them get on something creative themselves - after you're gone you want to look back and see you've left your mark.

I have spent countless hours hanging at the crag or the gym with friends, banging some chill Gramatik tunes and getting the totally good vibe from it. I was soo looking forward to this night, I knew it was going to be awesome. Gramatik blew the roof!
It's been a real inspiration. Everyone with the creative drive and motivation, this is it, go out and leave your mark!

So here it is...
Tomorrow we're hitting the road for Romania to join the Petzl Roctrip 2014. It's going to be one hell of a ride through the Balkan and we're SUPER syked on that. The team is me, Izi and Šparovc and one Peugeot 207.
This trip will be made possible with the support of Treking šport, the Petzl retailer in Slovenia, Plezalni center Ljubljana and my sponsor Iglu Šport. We are very grateful for being given the opportunity.
Let's do this!

Luka Tambača is one of the guys always motivated to go climbing or jumar up high to take amazing pictures. In this one it's me on "Achtbe" in our favourite Austrian crag.
Peep more of his work here:  Thanks Luka!

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