Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'm in Quebec!

 Finally it was time to leave.  Less than two weeks ago I was at home, revising for the last exam of my third year at uni. After I passed that, a whirlwind of climbing, events, meeting people happened and a week later I was sat on the plane which took me to Montreal. I am taking a year off at uni to push my climbing and see the world, and then on 5th of September it finally started, I'd been looking forward to it and planning it for a long time.
First I am visiting my good friends Julien and Felix in Quebec. Besides the sole fact of stepping foot into North America for the first time and the landscape here, I am getting a unique insight into the dedicated sport/trad climbing scene here. Later, I'll be off to Yosemite!

Before leaving, we spent a great three days in Paklenica. We had a mega day with my sister on a big multipitch Nostalgija in Anica Kuk, then a total epic climbing Agricantus, one of the three 8a multipitch routes, while enduring the worst thirst of my life, and finally doing some gripping trad with David the last day.

Nada in Nostalgija,  with the typical Paklenica expression "It's not only 5a!"
proper sandbag yee

Klemen pulling on the crux in Agricantus. What a route! I didn't do it, I have to go back to climb it! Four consecutive hard pitches, all overhanging, with a sharp, powerful crux in the 8a!

Klemen: "I've never fought this hard in any route before."
Well, it definitely looked it! It was a real a muerte day.

happy after having rehydrated!

The Slovenian community has got itself a proper magazine again. I am psyched to have contributed a minor part and really looking forward to see it grow. It's the community, people and stories that make what we do more than just a way to earn your evening beer. If only the people will realise the potential of having an own mag! This one is for you, join in, contribute, give feedback!

Here's some photos from the first few days of my trip. Let' see what my "annee sabbatique" brings ":)
I got myself a new GoPro Hero4 Session which has widened the horizon here a bit :) I hope to get some cool videos from what we'll be climbing! Thanks for reading, leave me a note if you like it or if you're somewhere around!

Montreal. It feels overwhelmingly big!

the crag of Baldy. Short, bouldery routes on cool rock, only 45 min. out of the city (I hitched there!)

climbing Ulysess, a 5.13a (7c+), the best line of Baldy. 

but the real crux is yet to come! almost fell in the slab later. have to get my ass in shape!
Montreal sunset

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