Sunday, January 4, 2015

Greetings from the sunny side

 Siurana has been treating us well. Weather has been perfect, friends are all around and psyche for climbing has been high. I imagined I could climb 11 days in a row, fueled by the A muerte mode and pasta. Now it seems we're forced into some rest and the amount of projects left to do has gathered possibly beyond what is possible to be done in the last two days. Anyway, we'll keep coming back. Enjoy the photos, see you soon back in Ljubljana :)
Felix pulling on the last climb of 2014. We did this 7c in Siuranella in the evening light, feeling worked but ready for the NYE party. So cool!

Montsant vista. They never get old even though you're surrounded by sights like this everywhere you look. I will keep coming back to these places...

with Felix, Julien's brother. We had a great time climbing together. Hope to see you soon my friend!

Anej cranking down on a 7b+ in Siuranella sud

drugs. when you're sore, add more

big ups to the youth team members who made it out on the trip! This is Sudi in the big hard classic "Migranya" 8b

the tools of the trade - thanks Iglu šport and Treking šport - Petzl!
starting on an 8c in Margalef

pumpy steep madness. 30 metres of persuading yourself to resist! Pal este will wait until the next trip
we just can't get enough of this... life is a beach :)

sister the crusher, climbing stronger every day :)
here on a 6c+ in L'Olla
THE line of Siurana, the crack of Kalea borroka, 8b. After a few tries I'm saving it for the last day, the cherry on top of this awesome trip. I couldn't rotate the picture o.O

Dios nidor, 7c+. jaaa a muerte :)

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