Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hey all!
The blog is experiencing its usual winter-exam-period downtime and so am I, gutted to be inside studying with so many nice days offering great climbing everywhere. But hopefully things will work out and I'll be back to the rock in a few weeks.

Spain was awesome. I love how going on a trip gives you a fresh perspective on your life at home. Climbing all the time only thinking about projects you want to climb and having fun, enjoying the vibe at the crag - makes you reconsider what's really important. It comes down to simple things...

I've had a few moments of contemplation like that while in Siurana and despite returning home sore and lacking sleep, I felt energized and psyched to get some things going. New years resolutions seem a bit phony to me, but anyway I felt this time I'm too psyched on many things to just let them plain float around and wait for them to happen. I sat down and wrote a TICKLIST of routes I want to climb in 2015. This is my holy grail now, an important note to remember - just because I don't want to miss out on any of them. It holds some of my nemesis routes in local crags, old, new projects, big wall climbs... can't wait to get the first ticks in! I'm a daydreamer type of guy so I suspect it may prove too big to handle, but even ticking some of them would be great.

Pati noso, 8c in Siurana - one that would evade sending in a annoyingly stubborn way. It's getting to deserve an honourable mention on my ticklist!

GOALS are AMBITIONS and being too ambitious can lead to serious disappointments. The importance of an assertive approach towards your goals (in climbing or life in general) is something I think a lot about. Just speaking of it shows that there is a slight doubt, maybe I am aiming too high. But I feel calmed and think that I have matured enough (climbing and not-climbing wise) to take it on. I have an interesting topic to elaborate on here regarding how commitment in climbing can totally warp your world - a topic that's regularly brought up in this blog in different forms. I'll work on that post for now and hope you will enjoy it. Keeping this blog alive and going is also "on the ticklist" as it has become very dear to me, all thanks to the positive feedback I've received and that I am so psyched on! Thanks to anyone stopping by and ever taking a glance at it.

But I'm now facing some obstacles. I wanted to restart training (also in a more structured way than ever before - curious to see how this will work) but I needed to take a longer than expected rest. I'd tweaked a tendon pulling hard on a two-finger pocket in Siurana.
Right away when it happened, it hurt a bit but I could keep climbing as long as I avoided two-finger pockets.
As obsessive as this must sound, I think I actually have a favourite kind of hold and pocekts must be it. I'm pretty gutted about the injury especially since I don't really know what to do with it.
Now after 10 days of rest it seems to have healed up so to allow training as much as I want. I'd got the first sessions done following my "1-5-9 by 2020" programme and it's been all good. Yay! The A muerte syke for training is kicking in!

The other obstacle is passing the exams. This is an objective bigger than a short-term training plan and I am intent on doing it. It's a bit hard at first but one just needs to focus and channel the energy into different fields. Now I'm going to go hide under a rock with my books, only going out to PCL for the odd training session, so maybe see you there :)

Thanks to Iglu šport and Treking šport - Petzl who will keep supporting me in 2015. It means a lot to me and I think not having to worry about getting all the gear will make achieving my goals just a little easier...

soon it will be time to revisit this one! The last great project of Čreta, here captured by Luka Tambača

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