Sunday, March 24, 2013

Post-Fontainebleau stress disorder

Hey all
it's been a while no? I've been doing a moderate bit of climbing but nothing really big since we came back from Fontainebleau. A couple of sessions in the gym here and there, two visits to Mišja Peč which were great to get out. I've been seriously missing the rope climbing and I'm getting hyped up for the trips to come in the near future. We are planning to visit Schleier Wasserfall in spring and I'm hoping this will come true :) 

In Mišja Peč, I sent a very cool, long and pumpy 8a called Urbanova which is a real classic and it was great to run some lactic acid through the forearms after some time of only bouldering. I am even more psyched about the progression in Konec mira, the 8c/c+ bastardo route in the right cave of the crag. Yesterday I linked the crux and the second section so it looks very promising! It feels doable, maybe I just need a good low gravity moment and all the variables to click...

Otherwise I've been quite occupied with uni, but that's ok. The next project now is completing and editing the Fontainebleau video footage into a cool short clip, which is all happening with the help of my friend Luka Medvešek. I'm glad he offered his help with that as I feel like a complete noob with movie editing. Anyway, it should turn out into a 15-minute or so video which will "premiere" on 10. april in Rdeča Ostriga in my hometown Škofja Loka, along with a few photos. Come check it if you're around!

Have a good week everybody and crank hard!