Saturday, April 13, 2013

The sun's out...

... at last over here! It seemed winter would last indefinitely after we've been having snow in april. But right now I don't really care much about it, actually it's kinda annoying. I have to stay at home and study! But it'll be worth it. We're planning a trip in May and I'm determined to make it happen! Psyched!

I managed to upload our Font vid we showed last week in Ostriga which was a nice evening in fact. A lot of people came, I spoke a few confused sentences about how awesome it was (it's kinda hard to describe things you really like as just emphasizing that it was awesome quickly wears out), then had a kickass beer fueled session in the gym :D

Wheter or not you watched ours, you HAVE to watch this: it was made by Jonas Winter and it's amazing with its perfect mix of hard boulders, landscape, life on the pads and a cool soundtrack. Props to the guy for such work.

Stay tuned for some real action in the future & make the most of the weather!