Sunday, April 20, 2014

The spiders of Osp

What up people! The blog is back ready for an action packed summer hopefully filled with unpredictable adventures. Ideas and plans are popping up everyday. I'm excited about what everyone is up to, give me some feedback!

The PCL team has been training hard and it's been showing with some nice ascents in rock! Yesterday Dave, Jaka, Peter and me hit Osp for some sending on unfinished projects. Jaka was after Karies and I decided to go for Osapski pajek, a route I'd tried briefly some time ago but left aside afterwards even though it's on the essentials list of hard climbing in Osp!

Despite the rainy weather and less-than-perfect conditions we were successful! Jaka cruised up Karies no problemo on his second attempt of the day for his first 8b send! Congrats dude! The master vs. apprentice battle continues(Dave had sent Karies just a few days ago :D)! The sending mode was on so I made good use of it and went full on into Osapski pajek which also went down quite smoothly! I'm psyched on that, it's an 8c (although a very soft one I think) and it's been a while since I've sent anything. Yeyeye all in all it was a good team psyche, Dave and Peter were also going for it hard, despite being totally wet from the rain :)

on Osapski pajek, back in the day. By the power of the beard! photo by Jarm

The last month has been great. Life in Ljubljana, easy going Uni occupations, lots of hanging out in the flat, climbing outside, climbing and hangin in the PCL... The Uni bit will be tough in the next month, though. My exams are in June and I better start working hard. Histology anyone? Luckily I'm motivated by what comes after that, I'll be making a trip to Font with the youngsters which sounds amazing.

The main objective is the Petzl RocTrip starting in September! I think this is clear by itself... it's an opportunity not to be missed. 45 days, 10 climbing areas, the whole climbing community coming together, that VIBE... sounds like a trip of a lifetime ^^   (try to see the teaser video :))

Prilep is also included... this is me on the CLASSIC 7b Mala smetka, photo from 2012 by Luka Tambača

I've also made several trips to Čreta to work on the amazing project, always with a good crew (my roomies :D) I've worked it together with Izi and it's always been a mindblowing experience... we just get so much psyche working on this route! It's going down sooner or later. Whoever does it, it's going to be EPIC!
Climbing with Izi is always interesting. I've learned so much from this guy - he's one of the strongest climbers I know but also has by far the best movement on rock. Lately I've become considerably stronger and it was Izi and this route that have reminded I still have to do drop-knees and use my feet to the max. Can't wait for the next session on this route!
the proj is waiting! photo by Luka Tambača